Remember me???    Yes, it has been a month of Sunday’s since I last posted.    Main reason?  I would have bored you into a trance.  Y’see I spent most of this year typing my fingers into arthritis. First, I wrote and published THE BOOK:     Here is where you can learn all about it: video, pictures, etc.    Came up for a breath and immediately dove back down to write and publish the CD SET & ACTION BOOK:      All the [Click here to keep reading...]

The SBI (Senior’s Branch of Investigators) is circulating these photos and information in the vain hope of locating the following Most Wanted Snowbirds. Wanted for the crimes of escaping for six months, stealing more than their fair share of laughter, killing too much time, beating hard-working people to retirement and robbing the government pension funds, the Senior’s Branch of Investigators warns the public to be on the lookout for the following far too happy lawbreakers. [caption id="attachment_664" [Click here to keep reading...]

Yes, I’ve been out exploring on the desert again! I’m already cowering from those of you who have read my previous posts and seen pictures of my injuries from my last ‘trip’ down a mine.  You’ve got the paddles out, I just know it.  Getting into the jeep to set out, my neighbour looked me in the eye and said, “Stay out of the f****** holes!”  Never one to mince words, is Barb.   [caption id="attachment_634" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Been down the mine [Click here to keep reading...]

  False Start  Okay folks, I mean I just love to entertain you on this blog with stories of our mild and wild escapades during our romps around North America in our home on tires accompanied by our now three four-legged humans with fur.  AND in order to entertain you it is necessary to have those little unexpected events occur, BUT now it’s gone too far!  Have you ever tried to diaper a cat?  And have it stay on?? Hell with claws.    I’ll back up a bit. The week prior to our departure south for the [Click here to keep reading...]

August 17-25 2009    The sun, once again, appears. Hooray!  Wayne comes over for a final cuppa  before we take off and I must make one country store stop at Sandi’s Willow Tree.  I forgot tea light candles!   By now I’ve taken so many muscle relaxants for my back spasm my eyes are crossed, ears ringing and even my teeth are relaxed!  Back still hurts.  Pooh.    A few quiet hours pass as we motor along the flat, straight highway out of Saskatchewan into Alberta.  That quiet is broken with a [Click here to keep reading...]

August 14, 15, 16 2009    Now we reverse directions and head back west again although along a different trail (Trans Canada Hwy #1) from the eastern one.  I see the sky brightening to the west after last night’s storm.  The air is fresh and clean and the breeze feels like the brush of a gal’s silk skirt it’s so gentle and cool after such heat and humidity.   Highly recommended by Bill & Lin is “Bill’s Sticky Fingers” rib eatery in Portage la Prairie just 50 miles out of Wpg.  So [Click here to keep reading...]

 August 11, 12, 13, 2009 The last part of the trail east is a quick one.  Only an hour to the ‘Peg.  Again and still the sunshine follows us.  There’s a Good ‘ol Wal Mart a few blocks from Kelly’s family (DB’s son) and before long he and Shirley roar into the parking lot on their Harleys just back from the Sturgis rally. Yes, Shirley rides her own Harley!  Love reunions!   We make phone contact with friends we have not seen since the Air Force days in Portage. Bill & Lin have us over for a [Click here to keep reading...]

 August 10, 2009   We are on the trail at 7:00 AM after showers, coffee, and an Atma walk to greet the sun in an endless prairie sky.    The miles roll by and we cross into Manitoba about Noon.  The landscape now begins to have a few rolling sections. The greenery and increase in groves of trees speaks to the more moist climate. (Manitoba has 10,000 lakes!)   We arrive in Portage la Prairie which holds many,many memories as it was our homestead for 12 years when DB was with the Airforce.  We were married [Click here to keep reading...]

August 9, 2006 Our wedding anniversary today!  Won’t tell you how many years ‘cause then we’ed seem old! But a clue is it’s over 40 (by one).  Yes, we were married at 12! Up at 7:00 am to a fresh, sunny morn and we prepare the wagon to hit the trail.  All cupboard doors latched? Check.  Pocket doors locked? Check. Nothing left on counters? Check.  Towels stuffed in dish cupboard? Check. #1 slide pulls in and locks, #2 slide, #3 slide, #4 slide…#4 slide?…#4 SLIDE?? Why aren’t you [Click here to keep reading...]

We have no idea which leprechauns are responsible, but from what I have read, they rather like to live up to their reputation as wee tricksters.  One such example is making my digital bedroom clock ‘race’.  Yes, you can make time go faster!  I set the alarm for 7:00 AM last night in order to be back on the trail to Edmonton in good time.         The frickin’ alarm went off at 2:30 AM! But the clock read 7:00. Figure that one out.  No amount of fresh air and stream gurgles were going to soothe the [Click here to keep reading...]

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