Just how did I become a traveling Life Coach?

Let’s go back a few months to June 2007.

DB and I had, on and off, daydreamed about wintering away in an RV to a more moderate climate. After all, isn’t that what Canadians of a certain ‘older’ age range do when they are infinitely sick of shoveling snow and scraping ice off windshields?

Popping out of my mouth came the words, “Well, if we sold the house we could do it”.
Who said that?! Where did that come from?! I couldn’t have said that, I love my home.

But I did say it and it came from somewhere. Y’see I had been writing the same list of 30 goals every day for the past 4 months and if you believe as I do that all thoughts are energy and that there is a Law of Attraction at work, you are rubbing the lamp and the Genie will grant your wishes.

You just don’t know how. Little did I know that several of the goals on my list were to become manifest with that innocent comment!

So as these words appeared through the smoke of the Genie’s lamp and out my mouth, the Universe grabbed hold and we went along for the ride!

Within 2 days the ideal RV was found (or did it find us?), our house was listed and sold within 3 weeks, my car was replaced with a very tiny and environmentally friendly “Smart Car” (DB tells curious onlookers that he washed it in hot water, set it in the hot sun to dry and it shrunk!)
We vacated our home of 19 years, downsized to a 40′ RV towing a 20′ trailer with car and Gold Wing motorcycle anchored safely within and became full time RV’ers as of September 1, 2007 just 2 months after those miraclulous words were unleashed.
Armed with telephone and laptop my coaching business simply switched from a home on a solid foundation to one on wheels.
And the adventure begins…………
Stay tuned!
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