All politics aside, the airshow and static displays at the Yuma Marine base was awe-inspiring, stirring and a very enjoyable day.

At left, you will see DB, in a ‘former life’ an aircraft mechanic in the Canadian Armed Forces, minutely inspecting the inner workings of what, to me, is simply a mess of wires.

A Mechanic in Love

The day was perfect with clear skies, blessedly calm winds, temps is the mid 70’sF (25C). My particular favorite flight demonstration was the salute to all the men and women of the allied Armed Forces in all conflicts, particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice, with the mighty F16 of today and the popular, effective World War 2 P51 Mustang flying together in a large circle overhead.

Stirring Salute

Oh, and for us ladies, the display of testosterone and eye candy was impressive! OK, that’s sexist and I don’t care.

The hit of the day for the Marines on parking detail was the Smart Car! We’re about ready to print up an information sheet and just pass them out! Everywhere we go we are asked the same questions and even caught a guy in his pickup truck taking a picture with his phone!

I hate sweating! Most forms of exercise make me sweat! Therefore I hate exercising! Well, at least I’m truthful.
But I DO exercise because something I dislike even more is growing old being ill and decrepit. THUS, we now have bicycles. In the background you will see the ‘preferred’ mode of biking and when DB says let’s go for a ‘bike’ ride I plop on the appropriate headgear. Seems DB got confused too seeing as his is on backwards.

Right Bikes, Wrong Hats

I think the last time I rode a bike I was about 12. Yes, it’s correct that the old saying ‘it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how’ is true. What’s more true is if you have legs about as long as a Daschund (me), it’s a Boy Bike (that dratted bar!), and you are wearing thongs (the shoes, not the underwear) it’s not the riding that’s the problem, it’s the mount and dismount!

Result? Yup, I fell off the bike. To add insult to injury (a skinned elbow and a black-bruised knee), I wasn’t even riding it, just trying to get on! Did I care about my knee and my elbow? No, I was more concerned that someone other than DB at my side had witnessed my elimination from the Olympic Games.

DB, who can’t stand to see me hurt, wanted to ‘fix it’ by running right out and buying me a ‘girl bike’ (bless his heart), but my response was, “You know that I allow very little to defeat me in life, and falling off has just hardened my resolve to master this”. So I’m in the process of ‘mastering’. Maybe it’s the headgear?


Thought you might like to meet Yilka (pronounced Jill-Kah) Gomez, my Panamanian-working-in-Mexico dentist. Nice teeth, hay!!

So many of her patients live in our RV park that she was invited to dinner and we all went over for appies and a hug ’till next season.

I looooove this lady. She saved me many thousands of dollars and did excellent work. We even experienced an earthquake together (see recent post) so we are forever bonded.

DB, ever the romantic, did the Valentine thing. Meet “Smoochie” before and after he got his kiss!

There’s more at “Clear Directions” Newsletter archives!

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I have 3 things to share on this Valentine’s Day.
Two “hugs” and a “kiss”.
Too corny?
Ok, 2 “giggles” and a “ceative”.


First, not only did we totally tick off Solomon when we disrupted his life and plunked him in another new home for the second time in six months, but I put him on a diet at the same time. The reason is pictured to the left and his very unhappy reaction is quite evident!

I figured he already wanted to divorce us so why not get it all over with in one swoop? No more 24/7 grazing in the food dish. So Solomon’s Mum has set him a goal for a 5 pound loss. The trick is to be sure that Sid, who does not need to trim down, gets enough food without Sol knowing. I’m sneaking Sid extras while we hide in the bathroom. We’ll keep you posted on Sol’s progress.


I’ve been making several trips into Mexico (10 miles away) recently to ‘enjoy’ a full dental makeover. Seems crowns and bridges and fillings do have a life span and need to be replaced after several years. A fact that was driven home rather shockingly when my At Home Dentist informed me that I needed $10,000 to $12,000 worth of do-over’s!

Guess what was immediately placed on MY goal list?! The Universe and I had a heart-to-heart regarding sending me a method to accomplish this feat. And sure enough, via a circuitous route, I found Dr. Yilka Gomez among a throng of dentists in Los Algodones just a 10 minute walk from the Mexican border. Her cost? $1,600!!!

Not only does she do incredibly great work with the best and latest equipment and supplies, but she provided some unexpected ‘entertainment’ on my last visit. As I was zoning out in the chair I noticed the dental lamp on the swing arm above my head started to do a dance. And then it swayed in an even larger arc as the chair joined in. Yup, you guessed it…an earthquake.

Yilka simply said “Let’s move!” and me, she and her assistant ran for the nearest doorway which was tHE one into the waiting room. Now picture this: three women standing wide-eyed in this doorway and me in full ‘dental jacket’ with a block in one side of my mouth and any number of dental instruments protruding from the other completely numb side of my face in full view of everyone in the waiting room! I was trying to say “Cool!”, but it came out “KKaaaaggh!”

Anyway, all calmed down and it was back to business as usual. Felt an aftershock later that evening at home, but minor.


What a hoot! You can play with this one for hours. Make a poster from any digital picture in your computer. Below is how I ‘postered’ Sol’s picture above.Give it a try

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What is it about these ‘let’s do it now’ episodes DB and I are experiencing?

I think I have figured it out. It’s called ‘time is moving on’. While in our younger years we fling around such expressions as ‘I’ll get around to it’, or ‘I’ll do that down the road’, or ‘that can wait for another year’, or ‘someday’ like ticker tape at a parade.

Before we know it, ‘someday’ has knocked on our badly-needing-paint door. Dang, time is sneakier than a kid in the cookie jar! We don’t have 40 or 50 years in the future anymore, so we might as well DO IT NOW.

If only we could put an old head on young shoulders. When it comes to accomplished goals, a somewhat sense of urgency or ‘Do It Now’ way of thinking helps……Big Time.

Now to the point of all this….once again, an off the cuff comment has DB (Dearly Beloved) and I making a major move.

While wandering around our winter home of Yuma, AZ one day last December, he and I decided to “just look” at a few of the thousands of RV’s in the many dealerships in this city. Yuma must be the RV capital of the world! Ha! Have you ever gone ‘just looking’ at puppies???

Here it comes………that off the cuff remark……:

“Why don’t we upgrade? Less expensive than Canadian prices at home, the dollar is almost at par, it is our 24/7/365 home and will be for 7 to 10 years, we will have to upgrade in a couple of years anyway, why not ‘Do It Now’ and enjoy more room and more modern ammenities longer???”

Besides, poor cat Sid is allergic to something in the RV. Vet put him on antihistamines and all he did was sleep. He barely even snored and Sid is a champion snorer! I cannot have one of my furry-purries suffering, so that was the final catalyst.


This is how you move from one RV to another! Just walk the plank

Once we made a firm committment, the Universe went into overtime and even though we had to climb a few mountains, incredibly wonderful and helpful people ‘turned up’ to guide us along our way.


We are enjoying:

  • Four slide-outs rather than one (roooooomy!)
  • 30″ plasma TV
  • 2 more feet of length (that’s a lot in an RV!)
  • A fabulous workstation/desk for me
  • Not having to walk sideways in the bedroom
  • A sink in the ‘water closet’
  • More storage ( I LOVE storage!)
  • Marble floor in kitchen and bath
  • 7 years newer
  • Granite countertops
  • Dark cherry wood
  • And did I say a hot tub on the roof? (kidding!)

The mattress platform is so high I feel like the ‘Princess and the Pea’. “Climbing into bed” has a whole new meaning…I am only juussst able to get into bed without a step stool. Either that or take a run at it from across the room. But I practice yoga, not high jumping.

We have been in our new RV for 4 days and Sid is allergy free!

And so another goal has become a reality. For more interesting and fun articles on goals and how to reach them you can access my ‘Clear Directions’ newsletter archives at :

I invite you to post your comments (click ‘comment’ below), ask questions, make suggestions, etc. and forward to a friend (click the envelope icon below.) Let’s Interact!
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