Now I can say I’ve crossed one more thing off my “Bucket List”. Actually it wasn’t even on it, but I did it, so it went on the list post-event so I’d have something to cross off! Is that cheating? Well, no doubt it would have ended up on the list at some point anyway.

With Our Buddies Bryan & Noreen, we headed off down a ‘wash’ out into the dunes and gave ‘er for a couple of hours.

Yes, that’s me on the left “pretending” while the ‘real’ driver (Greg) enjoys some H2O

Now here’s the exciting part…we were having so much fun roaring up and down steep sand hills, we got separated. Trying to find your way out of the desert is like trying to find your way out of a maze. Or a full grown cornfield (in that case would it be “maize”?)

Thanks to the direction of the sun and the foothill mountains to the north, we knew the direction back out of the wash, but we were in a different wash! Oh well, same direction. Out we popped onto the road, looked left and here they came down the shoulder of the road toward us. Then we got a thorough tongue lashing for worrying them half to death thinking we were broken down!

Awww, so sweet to know your friends care.
Purple Blanket

Wow! The desert has bloomed!

What a sight, for miles and miles and miles one sees this seemingly endless purple blanket. Often studded with the happy faces of white petalled faces waving in the breeze, smiling at the sun. My Photographer bell rang and off I went, camera, tripod and Greg (assisting) in tow. Enjoy some of my efforts.

Pungent Air

As we cycle throughout the RV Park, our nostrils are treated to the most delicious, pungent scent. Each RV site, and there are 1,200 of them, has a citrus tree and they are all in bloom! What a treat to lay in bed at night and through the open window floats this wondrous gift from the Universe. Once again, clang! the photographer bell rang and I was off on my bike to find the best shots to share with you.

Just use your imagination now…..look at the pictures, feel the sunshine on your face, and picture a waft of orange blossom fragrance as the whisper of a breeze floats it to your nose…..breathe deeply. Ahhhh!

It won’t be long before we head out of the desert and into the green valley of home. Where not too long from now we will be treated to the fragrance of cherry and apple blossoms.
Whoo Hoo! Love this RV life.