Wanna help me play with it?

The things I don’t do for my readers! In order to really appreciate the video (yup, that’s my new toy), you must visualize this…..me and heights go about as well together as electricity and water, a dangerous combination.


I swallowed my fear as I peered up the ladder leading to the roof of our RV, talked gently to myself for, oh, about 3 hours, prayed to the Ladder Angel and finally inched my way to the top. Another 3 hours and I was able to rise from a kneeling state to an upright position whereupon, with vibrating hands I freed my new toy from my pocket and took this panoramic video.

Be kind, you are enjoying the privilege of viewing my very first audio/video attempt. Our RV park is undergoing the construction of it’s third phase, thus the short trees and unfinished streets and sheds, but you have to agree it’s a beautiful location!

Now the downward journey. I’m thinking it’s noon now, can I do this before sunset? Oh woe is me, the only thing worse than heights is meeting a spider the size of Jupiter on the third rung from the top. Motivation is a wonderful thing. I shot down that ladder faster than a space ship reentering the atmosphere.

If you are curious about the gadget I used you can visit this site http://www.theflip.com/products.shtml

On to more news…….

What are you addicted to?

Coffee? TV? Cigarettes? Email?

Imagine having to live three whole months without it. I did! And that’s the reason you haven’t heard from me for so long. No, I did not spend that time in rehab but the bald patches on my head, finger nails chewed to the quick and the path worn in the carpet told me I was getting close.

I am addicted to the Internet and was helplessly waiting for an Internet connection! Finally I am back in business albeit after being reduced to begging, cajoleing, grovelling and almost threatening in order to get my fix.

DB, myself and the cats have been ‘home’ these past months with family, friends and familiar city.

Mother’s Day ’08: with 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter and
4 granddogs

A cooler and wetter than normal spring has morphed into a typical Okanagan summer of sunshine, heat and orchards of trees heavy with fresh, sun-ripened fruit. ‘Scuse me, while I wipe the cherry juice that’s dripping off my chin.

I’m off to visit my sister for 10 days (oh boy, I think we are going to get into some hellery!) Stay tuned.