I bounced so much my sit bones are bruised!

Sitting still was impossible for me, not singing was also impossible. Good thing I was in the back row so my bouncing head didn’t bother anyone, although I did see bouncing heads all over the theater. Hysterical laughter and spontaneous applause broke out at regular intervals.
Where was I?
Unless you’ve been in a root cellar all summer, you’ve either heard about or seen the movie “Mama Mia”. I’m a “Dancin‘ Queen” and I LOVE Abba!!!! I’ve never had so much fun watching a movie…ever!
Where were you in the glory days of Abba. You will definitely bring back the nostalgia, laugh until your endorphin levels are off the charts and break into song and dance at any inappropriate moment for the next week. So if you haven’t already, go and see this Movie.
I very, very rarely read a book twice, see a movie twice, and I never purchase DVD’s. That has now changed. I’ve talked my daughter into going with me so I can see it again. Much more fun when there’s two of you to to dance out of the theater together and screech the songs at the highest decibels all the way home. When it comes out on DVD I am purchasing it and I will watch it over and over!
ABBA….”Thank You For The Music”!
This movie was just one of the non-stop events my sister Penny and I did during my visit to Vancouver Island.
Here is her cozy little cottage in the woods near Qualicum Beach

What else did we do ? Read on…

Cracked shin on dishwasher door. Did it again next day in exact same place (on shin, not dishwasher door), this time on car door. The resulting expletives are not printable.
Never walk through a doorway while yakking your mouth off looking backward over your shoulder. Yup, I walked right through the screen door! Not too much damage done to me or the door, but I thought Penny and I would strangle with laughter. One way to get your heart started!
Both of us indulged in much needed pedicures. Here is Lori assisted by “Sam” helping me prepare.

Then there was the most rubber-leg-producing massage at the ‘Sapphire Day Spa’ in Victoria a few days later.
Mama Mia, ‘atsa soma magnifico massage-a! The best I have ever had.
Penny wanted to sit in this lounge all day, until Miss Antsy Pants (me) dragged her out, albeit at a much reduced pace than when we went in.
Pecan pie, cream puffs, wine, cookies, High Tea, wine, multi Latte’s with whipped cream, strawberry pie, apple pie, wine and port.

A ‘Cleanse Day’ and a three hour hike up a mountain to the waterfalls. As far away from food as we could get.
Here you see part of the Rosewall trail, otherwise known as the Trans-Canada Highway (kidding!), and my uncontained exuberance upon our arrival!

The shot at the top of this page is also from this area. Did ya wonder what the heck that picture has to do with “Mama Mia”? Gottcha thinkin’!
Wet Blanket:
Literally ‘wet”! Our plans to go to Tofino were rained out. Instead, we headed south to Victoria where the weather forecast was more promising. Great decision! What fun….shopped till we dropped (my Christmas shopping is done!) walked at least 20K, indulged in live theatre, Imax theatre, MORE great food, etc. etc.

Meet You At the Theatah Dahling:
Live theatre: “South Pacific” in Chemainus, “Anything That Moves” at the Belfry theatre in Victoria.

Movies: “Mama Mia’ in Nanaimo,”Before the Rains” in Vic. and “Wild Ocean – South African Coast” at the Imax.

Tourist-y Ports of Call

I’ll Take a Barrel – Never have I tasted blackberries like this! Wine tasting at the Cherry Hill Winery had to buying the Solara Blackberry port – toute suite!
Effervescence – More tasting, this time 6 ciders were offered at the Merridale Cidery (YUMmy!) Decided on Winter Apple Cider to bring home. Why is it I always like the most expensive ones?

Calorie Calamity – If there is such a thing, I bought a healthy cookie at the Cowachin Bay Bakery. Well, it was made with spelt flour!
Take a Deep BreathAhhh, the fragrance. At the Lavender Farm, if there is no traffic on the nearby road and you stand very still you can hear the lavender fields “sing”. No kidding! There are so many hundreds of busy pollen-gathering bees the fields hummmmm. It was here that we almost picked up a very friendly, furry-purry, hitch hiker.

Buddhist Meditation Walk – A peaceful meandering through the freshly, rain-dampened woods where several beckoning benches were placed at intervals enticing one to sit and ponder.

Words Worth – Oh yikes. One of my favorite places on this planet to be is in a second hand book store. I love the smell, the jumble and most of all the little treasures I unearth. They are like a magnet I finally had to instruct Penny to “do not let me go in there!” as she hung onto my arm and I put my hand up to my eyes to provide a blinder. OK, it’s an addiction, I admit it. I came home with more than 10 books and crossed everything including my eyelashes at the airport check-in that my suitcase was not overweight. It wasn’t….whew!

Tea & a Fortune – High Tea at the Calico Cat Tea House. A 3-tiered serving platter full of munchkin sandwiches, scones, jam, clotted cream, tarts, little cakes, Nanaimo (how appropo, we were in Namaimo!) bars and a huge pot of tea to salivate over while ‘Marilyn’, the Reader gave us spot-on messages from the Ether. She sees me with a little, round-faced, merry-eyed Monk (she used the term “pixie to pixie”) who would teach me much using his humor. Hmmmm, now what can that mean???? I’m looking around corners for my Monk.

And now….here is Penny and me atop the high stools of the Irish Times Pub in Victoria giving our salute with yet ANOTHER glass of wine!