I got a unique salute today! Until you look in your rear view mirror and see yourself getting an arthritically crooked, old, wrinkled middle Finger being waved at you on the end of the arm of a septuagenarian woman, well, you have really missed out. Come to think, she DID look a bit like Maxine!

Seems she took umbrage to me pulling up beside her on the street and informing her she was driving on the wrong side of the road. Hmmpf! Just goes to show it isn’t just the younger citizens of the developed world to whom manners have been lost. (Don’t get me started!!)

On to happier happenings.

A couple of family milestones this summer. DB and I celebrated 40 years of wedding Blarney (Oops, typo! I mean “Bliss” of course). And we still talk to each other after living in an RV together for one whole year! If we have a ‘secret’ it would likely come from mouths of Herman and Maxine.

Seems DB just can’t live without me anyway. While I was out to play with sister Penny for several days (see last post), he got himself a literal ‘splitting’ headache.

Picture this: DB entering RV in the dark. Sid, the alpha cat, missing Mum whom he is quite sure has forever abandoned him, has positioned himself at the top of the 3 steps into the RV. DB feels Sid under his foot and quickly jerks it off the cat and steps over him onto a mat which slides forward sending DB over backwards.

Result? Wrenched shoulder (which has once before been under the knife), blackened ribs and a scalp laceration 2″ long and deep to the skull which actually bore a scrape. Prior to losing consciousness, DB had the presence of mind to kick the screen door closed thus keeping the cats safely inside. As scalp cuts bleed profusely, he found himself lying in a pool of it when he regained his wits some 30 minutes after his gymnastic performance. Stitches, pain killers and several days later he met me at the airport wearing yet another scar on his often banged, bald head. In his life as an aircraft and heavy duty mechanic, his head and various metal objects have often collided.


Daughter Holly and son in law Ken also celebrated an anniversary of achievement…25 years! Their secrets originate with Martha Stewart and Clark Kent!


Daughter Kristie also celebrates a momentous occasion as she morphs Enhance Studio out of an in-home business environment to an elegant, high end Clinical Esthetics & Spa business with six staff. A little over one year ago she took over my 20-year old ‘baby’ and mushroomed it into this thriving popular retreat providing a fountain of youth and sublime pampering.


What does one (namely me) do when one reads in the newspaper that one’s old Alma Mater is going to be torn down?

After an oral explosion of “They can’t do that!” accompanied with a mild expletive followed with a fortified cup of tea, I accepted there was nothing I could do but accept it and attend the ceremony (wake?) to celebrate the thousands of feet which trod the halls, the many grad classes that walked out the doors for the last time and the teachers who forced knowledge into our resistant brains and wrung it out again during final exams.

So, DB (who walked those same halls) and I hopped into the ‘Smartie’ and drove to our former city of residence as teenagers and partook. Following lots of laughs, some throat lumps and bumping into a few old classmates, we found my grad class picture on the wall at the end of an old, musty hallway. That can’t mean that I’m old and musty!?

Wow, if we had known then what life had in store for us!


I’ve saved the most exciting news for last!

Where on Earth? Can you guess?

Several weeks ago I was reading a small magazine article that mentioned ways in which some of us Earthlings are becoming more philanthropic. “Can you picture yourself teaching English to Buddhist monks in Kathmandu, Nepal?” was one sentence followed by a website address.

Out of my mouth burst the words, “I’d LOVE to do that!”. Followed by my stunned look as I scanned the room looking for the source of the voice. “Who said that? I couldn’t have say that. That’s crazy!” Being as I was alone at the time, there could be only one possibility.

Long story short: I’ll be in Kathmandu, Nepal in May and June of 2009 teaching English to Buddhist monks ages 10 to 20! Teenage Buddhist monks….hmmmm.

Well, it just wouldn’t leave me alone! I couldn’t stop thinking about it, eventually explored the website www.i-to-i.com and made a commitment. It is a volunteer mission, I am taking a Teach English as a Foreign Language course online with a tutor during this upcoming winter, the flights are booked and the accommodation (provided) awaits.

Dear DB is going to bach(elor) it at home with the kitties as I search for my little round-faced monk mentioned in my previous post. In all seriousness, I am doing this to share what knowledge I have with the people of an underprivileged country while I open myself up to absorb what they are going to teach me. I think it will be 75/25! They will teach me much more, I’m certain.

My laptop and camera are coming with me so The Blog with accompanying pictures will bring you into this experience with me.

I am sooooo E-X-C-I-T-E-D!

And, no, I won’t be scaling Mt. Everest because no Sherpa will agree to piggyback me!


We leave for Yuma October 14. Yes it is election day in Canada, but we will vote at the Advance Poll. It will be interesting to be in the USA on their election day in November.