May this season, the one which embodies more than any other the sensations of joy…. peace…. love…. happiness…. gratitude…. sharing…. and giving, bless you and your loved ones with all of these and so much more.  My wish is that you take these blessings and in turn share them with all the peoples of our world during the coming months and years of this ‘shift’, this ‘learning curve’ that began this year. And remember, the world may seem to be in chaos but it is unfolding in lawful order.  Stay centered, breathe, laugh and believe there is value in ALL things.

And now, on with my usual news and views….Enjoy!

Odd things happen when people over the age of 55 transplant themselves from above the 49th parallel to somewhere barely north of Mexico.  

Through absolutely no fault of our own (?), we and our various friends & neighbours find ourselves experiencing things that never happen at home. For instance:

Having sprayed lens cleaner on my glasses, carefully wiped them dry and and placed them back on my beak, I was presented with a vision of the world that appeared as if a toddler had used them to feed herself mashed potatoes and gravy. On further inspection it was discovered I had used hair spray instead of lens cleaner.  Aw c’mon….if my brain weren’t so busy thinking about what I was going to share on this blog and if the two containers hadn’t been the same size, I wouldn’t have made that mistake! Right?

While grocery shopping at the WalMart Supercenter and celebrating the ability to purchase alcoholic beverages therein (not allowed at home in Canada), I chose an enticing 1.5lt bottle of white wine and placed it in the grocery cart.  Feeling quite pleased withselection and imagining it’s pallette, I set off down the aisle to continue my quest for other goodies. The ‘bouquet’ of the wine hit my nose about the same time as the sound of the smash! of glass hitting the floor.  Yes, that sneaky bottle of wine found it’s way out of the cart! Had nothing to do with where I placed it, I swear. After waiting for the cleanup crew to arrive, I slunk down the adjoining aisle hoping I could avoid the chuckles and remarks from fellow shoppers (one glib fella took a look and hollered, “Now that’s alcohol abuse!”).  The squishing of my one wine-soaked shoe and the pervasive aroma of the cloud of ‘eau de Chardonnay’ following me up and down rows of less breakable items made my attempt at incognito-ism futile.  I now shop in disguise.


Now, take the experience of our not-to-be-named friends ‘J’ and ‘K’ (not their real initials).  If you aren’t aware, toilets in RV’s and 5th wheels usually have two pedals, one to add water to the bowl and one to flush.  ‘J’, who visits the porcelain palace a couple of times each night, stepped on the ‘filler’ pedal and nothing happened except a thunk as it hit the floor and stayed there. A bucket of water to add to the bowl has now been added to the already tiny room. Later that day ‘K’ is enjoying a good, solitary read in the ‘library’ when ‘J’ hollered at him to “turn on the fan!” That done, it was followed by an unearthly sound and explosion.  ‘K’ emerged from the bathroom with several pieces of fan blades (harmless plastic) scattered throughout his person. Seems the 120 F that the desert reaches during the summer months does strange things to recreational vehicles left to simmer in the heat.

Then there is the pilot from the Marine Base a few blocks away who thought it would be fun to break the sound barrier with his supersonic flying machine and initiate 25 heart attacks in our “Proud to be an Over 55 RV Park”!


I have developed a new taste! Now you already know that I am a connoisseur of WalMart $1.97 wines, well, only one, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t branch out and raise my status in the world of appreciation for mind altering beverages.  On a hot Yuma afternoon you just may find me sipping a Gin & Tonic!  Who’d a thunk, eh? Did you know that tonic water relaxes muscle tension and soothes restless leg syndrome? Yup, it’s the quinine in it.  Seeeeee, it’s for my better health, and yes, the gin helps too, especially with the muscle tension us retiree’s suffer from with all that golf and other playground stuff.

What does a good rain do to the desert?

It turns it green and produces flowers! Before the rain those branches were brownish-grey bare sticks.

Now, when you’re told there is nothing like a rainfall in the desert, believe it.  2″ in 30 minutes. Accompany that with the Mother of all thunder and lightning storms and you have entertainment!

A week following this storm, our friends Sue & Dean took us 13 miles out into the desert in their jeep. Took over 3 hours to go 13 miles and you will see why in the following pictures and video.

13 miles of THIS?

13 miles of THIS?

Lunch in the bleachers

Lunch in the bleachers

 See if you can spot four of us in the ‘bleachers’ having lunch. Dean is hiding behind a bush and his beard.


I now call him Dr. Dean.  My neck, which had been keeping me cranky for a few weeks even with a couple of chiro adjustments, after a day of bouncing, jerking and hanging on for dear life in the jeep, was just fine!  And remains so to this day.

Sequaro & Me

The Saguaro cactus is a protected species in Arizona and given that it grows only 1″ every year you can make a pretty good guess at how old this one is.  I’m just over 5′, doing my Paris Hilton pose beside it. That’s after I carefully inspected the ground for spiders, scorpions and snakes. I’m told they are hibernating during the winter and that is cause for celebration!

For added amusement, take a peek at the jeep navigating a “road” (?)

rocky-road  Click link to see video!

(May or may not work.  My assistant is on Christmas break and I’m left to my own devices.  Not so good!)

I love to experience things that are not of the norm.

Take the time I was in Hawaii and lived through a hurricane.  How many tourists can say that?  I’ve been to Hawaii several times, but that’s the trip that is most memorable.  And speaking of memorable, how many Canadians can say they drove through a blizzard (yes, the kind with actual snow, not sand) in the Nevada desert?! Again, I’ve driven through many blizzards (but in the desert!), and this one will be the most memorable, for sure.  Canadian winter blizzards are so…..normal!

DB and I joined friends Bob & Elaine for a couple of days in Vegas.  You guessed it….I’ve been to Vegas several times and this one will be the….(all together now) MOST MEMORABLE! Teaming down pore of rain the first day, temp. about 5°C


DB & Smarties first blizzard

DB & Smarties first blizzard

Big Fat Flakes
Big Fat Flakes

  Colder and a bit dryer the second day, but it was the trip home (to Yuma) that got our attention.

Soaked feet, freezing hands and SMILES

Soaked feet, freezing hands and SMILES

And with that, my friends, this session ends.
May all my readers have a most wonderful Holiday Season! 
See you in the New Year!