The SBI (Senior’s Branch of Investigators) is circulating these photos and information in the vain hope of locating the following Most Wanted Snowbirds. Wanted for the crimes of escaping for six months, stealing more than their fair share of laughter, killing too much time, beating hard-working people to retirement and robbing the government pension funds, the Senior’s Branch of Investigators warns the public to be on the lookout for the following far too happy lawbreakers.

Mean Dean

Sleep Stealin' Sue

Illiterate Lynn

Deadbeat D.B.


They may be armed with false knees and/or hips and carry bags of dangerous prescription drugs so do not approach but report sightings to your local SBI who is equipped with backup hearing aids, canes and walkers that may be necessary in the apprehension of such individuals.

The above  fun and games was inspired by our visit to the Yuma Territorial Prison State Park, one of Arizona’s key attractions and right here in Yuma.  Unfortunately, cutbacks by the AZ gov’t may see this park closed by end of March.  There’s a big push on locally to find ways to keep it open.  The museum and history is fascinating and you can learn more here .  Enjoy some more pics…

Finally Got DB Behind Bars!


Prison Was Built By InmatesPrison Was Built By Inmates


6 Inmates to a Cell!

No, No I Don't Want To Go! Entrance to Museum



Entrance to Museum

Another trip out onto the desert was to an amazing place that has several names, among them ”No Name Canyon” so I will stick with that.

On the way we came across a stunning sight!

Miles of undulating desert floor where for many decades people have made commemorative signs of names, dates, etc. with the rocks and stones available.  Look closely at this picture and in the distance you can see these designs gradually fading from sight.  The oldest one found was done in the 1950’s. On both sides of the desert dirt road as far as the eye can see these extend to the horizon.

Desert Commemorations

Miles of Memories Sue suggested we make one for our very much missed puss, Sid. So we did.Sid on the Rocks


Sid in the Sand                                                                                                                     


And I get yet another opportunity to overcome claustrophobia.  Sue & Dean are determined to keep putting me to the test….so far I’m winning.
These walls run for miles and miles sometimes widening, sometimes narrowing, the ground rising to the sunshine or dipping lower into the shadows.  An absolutely beautiful work of Mother Nature.


Sid on the Rocks

Very grateful this is not an art contest!
On  to Name Canyon where the walls allow no vehicles larger than a  Roadrunner, well ok maybe Jeeps or ATV’s, access.


Jeep Squeeze














 Between earthquakes, sandstorms, torrential rains and below normal temps we are enjoying our third desert winter. About 2/3 of the annual rainfall pummeled us in January. Great fun taking Atma out to pee, me with an umbrella in one hand, leash in the other, dog twined around my feet and a wind trying to wrench the bumbershoot out of my hand but only succeeded in turning it inside out!

Friends Bob & Elaine deserted us, how dare they! They read this blog too and I cannot resist doing one more guilt poke, They bought a house in Phoenix (actually they ‘stole’ it), sold their 5th wheel and moved. The upside is they have 5, count ’em, five bedrooms (!) and we, including Solomon and Atma, can visit. Heaven help us if we came without Atma!

Speaking of said dog, we have friends and neighbours fighting over who is at the top of the list to get Atma in our Will. In order to not get murdered in our sleep over a dog, I just tell everyone they are at the top of the list and not to tell anyone.

Ahhhh, the citrus blossoms are popping out on the trees and a heady fragrance wafts tantalizingly past out noses. It is odd for us to see a fruit tree, which just after the fruit is picked, immediately blossoms.


Grapefruit Greg

The pink grapefruit were so juicy and sweet, DB got the squeezer out and within no time he had a gallon of the good stuff.  Hmm, wonder how you make grapefruit wine??

An annual feast around here is the Monnonite fund raising dinner.  Oh groan, I ate like a piglet!  All the food was made by the Mennonites and pretty much all if it was home grown.  For dessert there were eight different kinds of pies and all served with home made ice cream. Well, we had to help them raise money for their kids’ school!!

Are you familiar with the famous author and psychic Sylvia Browne?  If you are a big fan, you are going to be soooo jealous!  She was here in Yuma!  And I got tickets to go! AND MY TICKET WAS DRAWN TO BE ONE OF THE AUDIENCE MEMBERS TO BE ABLE TO ASK HER A QUESTION !! Fifty questions keep flashing, one at a time, like a neon sign in my brain.  We could only ask one and I couldn’t choose, so when I got to the mic, I just blurted one out.

I have been working like a sandbagger with water lapping at her heals. My book is done!  It is now in the publishing stages, currently on inside page design.  The covers are AWESOME! I can’t wait for you to see it. Feedback is also AWESOME! (For a writer I seem to be suffering from adjective-lack). My excitement knows no bounds as I imagine holding my book in my hands by the end of April.  Title? “Inspirational Goaling”, sub-titled: How Intuition, Passion, & a Taste for Adventure Create Goal Victory When Other Methods Haven’t. It is a weaving of the story of my Nepal adventure and what it taught me about a brand new way to set and reach goals. You’re gonna love it!  Of course I had help….


Who's the Author?

Oh! Did you want to know what question I asked Sylvia???  I asked how my book was going to do on the market.  She said “Very Well”.  From God’s mouth to her ears!

Other than a birthday party with free Margaritas and huge spread of delish goodies, I won’t tell you anything else to make you long for early retirement.  It’s getting near my bedtime so I’ll let Atma and Solomon say ‘Nite, Nite’

Heading home first week in April.




"Napper" Expert