Remember me??? 


Yes, it has been a month of Sunday’s since I last posted. 


Main reason?  I would have bored you into a trance.  Y’see I spent most of this year typing my fingers into arthritis. First, I wrote and published THE BOOK:


IG 232x300 Inspirational Goaling   October self help book summary now available


Here is where you can learn all about it: video, pictures, etc. 


Came up for a breath and immediately dove back down to write and publish the CD SET & ACTION BOOK:


 All the information plus a new website can be found here:


 Along with these two gargantuan tasks, I was under the tutelage of Ali Brown and James Roche, my coaches in the Millionaire Protégé Club and spent countless hours in training by phone and in person travelling to L.A. (twice), Scottsdale (AZ), San Jose (CA) and Las Vegas. And, of course, making the trek from our winter home in Yuma back to BC in the spring, and reversing the process just a month ago.












Now? I’m in the coaching trenches. Implementing all I have learned about the myriad intricacies and trends of operating a business online as well as welcoming a number of superb new clients and doing what I LOVE to do; help people choose the right goals and how to go get ‘em!


Okay. Let’s back up to spring 2010 and the trip back to BC in the ‘covered wagon’. At least you can’t lose a windshield at 110 km in the wilds of the California desert in a real covered wagon; maybe an elderly horse at a clip clop.  Well when a gap the size of DB’s fist opened in the upper left corner of our Class A RV windshield, we slowed to a crawl, held our breath, carefully crept into a tiny town by the name of Needles and called our Good Sam Roadside Assistant.

Spent the night, in an abandoned service station and next day a tech made really good use of some windshield super glue and off we went.









Fast forward to October 20th, departure day to the south. Didn’t even leave our park at

 home before problem #1. The steps won’t retract when we close the door. Drove 30 minutes to Kelowna to our RV repair shop. At least 25 people in cars tried to draw our attention to the fact that our stairs were still extended. Well, they were being helpful.

Turns out the magnet that sends the signal to the control module had shifted, so no signal, stairs remain out.  Now fixed.

We arrive in Yakima, WA next day and hook up with our friends Dean, Sue and Sophie (dog).  We add another vehicle (car) to our train as Vicky & Wilber (giant dog) join us on the trek south. Plan was for Vicky and Sue to take turns driving Vicky’s car, but as Sue broke her right foot and had it in a ‘boot’ the size of the of a small hotel, that was out. But she rode in the car to keep Vicky company while Wilber rode in the RV keeping Sophie & Dean company. Us? DB, me, Atma and Solomon; lots of company.


Ahh, the life…CB radio in all three vehicles, smoothly cruising down the 4 lane highway somewhere in Oregon…and BANG! Our car-hauler trailer blew a tire. And I mean BLEW!






It’s amazing what two older gentlemen, one with Parkinson’s and one with a recent shoulder surgery and a disintegrated hip waiting to be replaced, can accomplish. DB can’t get up and down, so he found and handed tools to Dean who stayed ‘down’ and together they got the tire changed.  All the while crazy traffic is hurtling past just inches from this procedure. Of course, it was the driver’s side tire.

Couple of days later, somewhere in Utah, it begins to rain. And it begins to blow. Then it RAINS AND BLOWS! We all take refuge off the highway in a Days Inn parking lot for the night and due to the RV being on air bags, the strong wind makes it feel like we are on a cruise ship in high surf!  Vicky, Sue, Dean, Sophie and Wilber are safe in S&D’s RV until in the middle of the night some of that ‘surf’ is pouring into their ‘living room’.  Out with the towels and buckets.








Morning dawns calm and dryer but COLD.  The snow line on the mountains has crept waaay down and it’s time to get outta there!  Heading into lower elevation and it warms up. Stop for a break and…..our stairs will not retract!! S&D are still trying to dry out their RV carpets and furniture.  All we can do is tie up the stairs and carry on, but then the linkage inside our door breaks and we can’t open the door from the outside (better than inside, I think later). 

Another night in a WalMart parking lot in southern Utah. Dang, I sure could use a glass of wine. Turns out you can’t buy wine in stores in Utah, only at gov’t liquor stores which have now closed. Ahh, such clean living in the Mormon State!











Next morn we awake to a sound not often heard in city streets…. the baa-ing of at least 2000 sheep being herded down the boulevard by Basque herders on horseback!  What was that I said about ’clean living’? There was a shipload of sheep shit left on that street and not a shovel in sight!


We make a beeline for Las Vegas where we have reservations at the KOA. To our good fortune there is an RV repair shop a block away. We get the linkage for the door (DB does the labor) and a super friendly and talented RV tech lies on the ground under the stairs, opens up the control module and gets a face full of water. That torrential rain? Shorted it out. Module is replaced.

S&D’s flooding problem was caused by a broken spring in the rolled up awning, leaving some awning stuck between the RV and the slide-out meaning said slide-out could not close all the way.  Spring replaced by same super friendly RV tech and his quieter assistant.

The three dogs and Solomon have been real troopers. Wilber is a Golden-Doodle (aka: giant dog) who thinks he is a truck driver. Every time Dean leaves the driver’s seat, Wilber is in it. Sophie is the diva of the menagerie, Atma just wants to get out, go for walks to give her nose a workout sniffing at all the new temptations at every stop while Solomon sleeps on the bed for hours and hours.









Our friends go on to Yuma while we remain in Vegas another 4 days for my

business event, ‘Shine’, at the Wynn hotel with about 600 other attendees. The Vegas sky reminds me of gridlock:










Once we are on our last stretch to Yuma, I’m like a homing pigeon straight to a truck stop in Searchlight just south of Vegas where I KNOW there are Krispie Kreme donuts! With my bag of four Artery Blockers and a vanilla latte clutched in my hands, we keep on motoring through the Arizona desert until we finally arrive at Sun Vista RV Park and are greeted by our many winter friends and neighbors welcoming us ‘home’.

Three days later I sport a ‘Rudolph’ the size of a dime on the end of my swollen nose. A gift from the Krispie Kremes!

Well my friends, I hope I have made up for my loooong silence.  There is another way you can keep up with me on a pretty much daily basis and that is to ‘friend’ me on Facebook:!/goalcoach

I post loads of picture albums and post almost every day.

If you forgive me and like anything you have read or seen on this post, please leave a comment in the appropriate place.

I leave you with this image:  Last spring a group of us again went out to Spook Mountian (earlier story on this blog).  Of course all the spooky happenings are much better seen on a moon-less night.  But it turns out there were at least TWO MOONS out that night!






When these ladies see this?  I think I’m dead meat!





  1. Hi Lynn & Greg:
    Always great to hear from you on your blog & what you’re up to. And it was nice to have that ‘supermarket’ visit in Superstore this summer. We’re going to have to ‘hook up’ for a real visit when you guys are back next spring, okay!
    You’re probably enjoying the lovely warm weather & happy hours too down there & you’ve probably already heard from your daughter how bl–dy cold it’s gotten here since mid last week! Today….-11C & tomorrow even colder plus add a wind chill to that! Much too cold for November, for Pete’s sake! Did you know that Calgary (-30C today) was the second coldest place (recorded)on earth today? I was stunned to hear that on tonight’s news.
    We have a new pet in our household. Our lovely orange tabby, Ginger died @ the end of April…feline leukemia. He was 10 years old. Amy and I were particularly sad about it, and Amy has been asking Keith for a new Kitten since May! So, finally he gave in & last Sunday she got a new 8 wk. old kitten (from a friend out by Swan Lake) & she’s a black/grey/white tabby kitten, who Amy named MIMZY. She is a darling and soooo cute!! (but of course..mischievious) Even the Keither admits she’s cute & cuddles her when he thinks we’re not looking!
    Well, it’s late and I should sign off. Take care of yourselves, stay safe & happy, and keep in touch!

    cheers from Coldstream Valley Estates!
    Debbie, Keith, Ryan & Amy.
    (and of course the animal kingdom of: Mimzy the kitten, Stinky the rabbit, & Chirp & Rusty…our two egg laying chickens) Well, that’s not entirely true …it’s so cold now, that they’ve quit laying temporarily! Can’t say that I blame them!

    Comment by Deb & Keith — November 24, 2010 @ 7:36 am

  2. You are now officially DEAD MEAT.. pay backs could be Hell! You just watch your backside…sg….you will no doubt hear sometime abut payback.

    Comment by sue grimshaw — November 28, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

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