August 5, 2009 In the Ol’ West the day dawns somewhat cooler than the past few weeks of steel smelter, scorching heat and resultant major forest fires (900 at last count) in B.C.  We are heading out of the smoke-filled air and ash we have been eating into what we expect to be clearer air and perhaps even some rain across the four Wild Western Canadian provinces. DB (Dearly Beloved) hubby has done some preparation for this trip with the purchase of some new duds, whoo hoo!  “You mean I get to see [Click here to keep reading...]

      Nothing was more popular on my Nepal Adventure blog than the rescue of Atma.  I am receiving emails constantly asking about her and there is much to tell, so this post will give you the rest of her story.    I left you with Atma and me getting back to the hotel after her flea bath and medications at the Kathmandu Animal Hospital. She was a sorry sight with no hair over 2/3 of her body and the bare skin covered in a rash, but none the less, she was introduced to my fellow volunteers and hotel staff, [Click here to keep reading...]

As promised, here are a slew of pictures  that I was unable to post from Nepal’ s internet system.   Yes, I am home and this will bring you up to date with the blog on the final days of my Nepal Adventure. Enjoy! 1. My scenic daily walk to the monastery The Bishnumati River. Almost anything is dumped in this river waiting for the monsoons to wash it away. The smell is indescribable. Two rest stops the first week, one rest stop the second week, no rest stop the third week and by the end of 6 [Click here to keep reading...]

 A Greyhound bus trip it’s not, but an adventurous experience it is. It takes 25 minutes to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The bus trip takes 8 to 10 hours. Now about the ‘bus’. On the advice of our guide, Ganesh, we chose the micro bus rather than the regular public bus because the micro bus has seating for about 15 persons and takes a couple of hours less to reach destination.   We taxied to the area where the buses congregate and what meets our eyes is a very noisy, hap-hazard tangle of taxis, [Click here to keep reading...]

As I walk to the monastery daily, I see many sights very foreign to my western eye, many of which I have shared with you earlier on this blog from Napal.  One such sight, which as you already know is so difficult for me, is the Street/Stray Dog population.   One day as I was returning from teaching, I glanced at a heap of garbage by the side of the street (one of many due to the garbage strike), and uttered a groaning gasp as I witnessed a small dog and one very different from the average street dog, [Click here to keep reading...]

  Our adventure to Pokhara is really two stories, one for the trip there and back and the second for the time spent there. Let’s start with the time there. As I am still challenged by posting pictures to this blog, I am saving them up until I get back home and will then post lots all at once!  So we will have to be content with videos for now.  I’m so happy we got those up! The change from Kathmandu to Pokhara is as if they aren’t even in the same country. Pokhara is lush, green, cleaner, wider [Click here to keep reading...]

As I begin my fourth week in the metropolis of Kathmandu, I am finding that fun can be everywhere. So here goes with some of my giggles.   1. Rating the spitting.  As I share my walk to and from the monastery with one or another of our volunteers, we give a rating of 1 to 10 (10 being masterful!) of the native hawking, snorking and resultant spitting. Reached as high as a 9 so far.   2. Bargaining. Normally this is something I have always hated to do when holidaying. However, there is no doubt that here in [Click here to keep reading...]

Breakout the popcorn and settle in for entertainment!  Remember, this post was written, but not posted prior to the recent published post so they are kind of backwards as to the dates of their occurrence.  Enjoy!!        It’s time to venture out.  Our coordinator, Chris, takes us for a lesson on how to maneuver the streets of the Thamel district of Nepal and at the same time shows us some important locations we may need or want to use during our stay.  Best thing he did was provide us with a street [Click here to keep reading...]

One thing is certain about life…much as we plan, there is always something around the corner that could knock your plans askew.  Such as this…..I simply cannot solve the problem of not being able to get my videos and pictures onto this blog!!! GGrrrr!     I have a blog entry all typed and ready to go.  All that was left was to upload the pics and videos.  No go.  SO, that being said, I am going to continue to work on that and in the meantime I can at least send you more news and your vivid [Click here to keep reading...]

Last time I left you stranded at the Kathmandu airport with me. Let’s see how we made out.   Wheeling my baggage cart out of the airport I was immediately swarmed by ‘helpful’ taxi drivers.  I kept saying someone was meeting me but as time kept passing with no Chris, they once again offered ‘help’.  Actually one of them recognized the ‘i to i’ company name I kept saying and offered to phone Chris for me.   This was my introduction to the Nepalese mobile phone system.  Most of the conversation [Click here to keep reading...]

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