Ground squirrel studies me

August 5, 2009

In the Ol’ West the day dawns somewhat cooler than the past few weeks of steel smelter, scorching heat and resultant major forest fires (900 at last count) in B.C.  We are heading out of the smoke-filled air and ash we have been eating into what we expect to be clearer air and perhaps even some rain across the four Wild Western Canadian provinces.

DB (Dearly Beloved) hubby has done some preparation for this trip with the purchase of some new duds, whoo hoo!  “You mean I get to see you in some t-shirts other than those I can read through?” I excitedly exclaim.

Not only new shirts, but track pants as well.  Home he comes with his saddle bags of threads and proudly displays his treasure.

Everything is grey.  Grey as granite, grey as a goose, grey as a dismal day, grey as asphalt, grey as hair on a senior.  Various shades of grey, mind you, but dull as dishwater.  He likes it that way however, because he never has to be concerned with ‘mixing’ or ‘matching’.  Just one more reason to never let your husband shop for clothes without you!

After meeting my cousin Joan and her hubby Stan (in town for a day from Vancouver) for a superb lunch of excellent Chinese food at the new Temptasian restaurant, my cohort in grey, 2 cats, Atma the dog and myself get ready to roll.

The covered wagon checklist includes stuffing towels in the cupboards to keep glassware and dishes from flying around in the cupboards, locking sliding doors and drawers for obvious reasons, unhooking electricity, water and sewer connections, bringing in the slideouts and…oops….one of the awnings won’t run in.  And it’s the biggest one at a 12’ extension! DB fires up his handy-dandy compressor in the barn, climbs upon the roof of the wagon and proceeds to blow dust and dirt out of some gizmo that affects the electric works of the awnings.  Voila! Fixed.  Such a talented, bright cowboy!

Its mid afternoon and we’re off!  Following cattle trail 97A to Sicamous then Trans-Canada #1 to Revelstoke and the Rogers Pass.  We stop at the summit to be gazed upon by some of the highest sentinels of the rocky peaks, extend one of the slides and grub is on the table in 20 minutes.  Yup, years of practice and I can go from frozen to dinner party (well, dinner for two can be a party) in the time required to take towels out of the cupboards!

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High

Taking Atma out for a walk to do her ‘performance’ I see plenty of opportunity for use of a camera from mountain scenes to many cheeky ground squirrels chattering at me to get out of their territory and take that dang dog with me!

Dishes done, back in with the towels, and we travel through Golden, BC on to Field and make an overnight camp by a rushing river. The heavens open up with a bedtime story of tremendous thunder accompanied by a deluge of rain. Ahh, a comfy bedroll, cool, fresh mountain air and the sound of flowing water. A recipe for deep, restful, soothing sleep.

Alpine Flora_1_1_1

Alpine Flora

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