August 9, 2006

Saskatchewan Canola Crop

Our wedding anniversary today!  Won’t tell you how many years ‘cause then we’ed seem old! But a clue is it’s over 40 (by one).  Yes, we were married at 12!

Up at 7:00 am to a fresh, sunny morn and we prepare the wagon to hit the trail.  All cupboard doors latched? Check.  Pocket doors locked? Check. Nothing left on counters? Check.  Towels stuffed in dish cupboard? Check.

#1 slide pulls in and locks, #2 slide, #3 slide, #4 slide…#4 slide?…#4 SLIDE?? Why aren’t you moving?? Dadgum it, first it’s the stuck awning leaving Vernon now it’s the stuck slide leaving Edmonton.  So much for the early take off.  DB gets out the manual. Dan & he get out the tools. One & a half hours later they trace it down to a bad connection which is easily fixable and I give the Talented Two a standing ovation. After parent/kid goodbye hugs we are on our way east on cattle trail #16.

I never cared for long road trips in cars, especially across prairie vistas of endless, strait highways disappearing into the distant horizon as if they fell right off the edge.  Now in an RV it’s a pleasure!  I can read, write on the computer, heat a cup of tea, sleep on the couch, use the bathroom and all the while separated from the world of TV, internet and anyone I don’t want to talk to.

Today I did all of that as the sun shone, DB whipped the horses and I enjoyed hours of field upon field, occasionally interspersed with small towns, of canola crops wearing their bright yellow flowers stretching up t’ord the sun.

More Canola

More Canola

It was at one such town, Lanigan (2,300 population), that we stopped, right smack dab in the middle of the province of Saskatchewan, to thoroughly enjoy an anniversary dinner in an old-fashioned Mum & Pop eatery with the welcoming name of Grandpa Sam’s Family Restaurant.  Vittles of roast beef dinner stuffed me to the roots of my hair, while DB feasted on a cutlet dinner. Deelicious!

Mom 'n Pop Diner

Mom 'n Pop Diner

A few days later, after we trotted into the big city of Moose Jaw, DB bought me a gift called “Blowing a Kiss”.  The beautiful sculpture is pictured here. Ain’t I just the luckiest gal in the West?

Blowing a Kiss

Blowing a Kiss

After a walk through the neighbourhoods with Atma, it’s time to call it a day and rest up for the next day on the trails.

Nighty Night.


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