August 10, 2009


We are on the trail at 7:00 AM after showers, coffee, and an Atma walk to greet the sun in an endless prairie sky.


 The miles roll by and we cross into Manitoba about Noon.  The landscape now begins to have a few rolling sections. The greenery and increase in groves of trees speaks to the more moist climate. (Manitoba has 10,000 lakes!)


couple and babyWe arrive in Portage la Prairie which holds many,many memories as it was our homestead for 12 years when DB was with the Airforce.  We were married here and son Dan was born here in the city’s centennial year, 1970.  As we mosey down the main street I recognize nothing!  Heck, it’s only been 32 years!  Just one of the little irritating reminders of how much time has gone by.



We circle the wagons in an RV park among the peace of trees.  Distanced from traffic, we rest well.




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